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Systems and Solutions is an established company based in Witney Oxfordshire. We are looking to build long lasting relationships with companies and individuals for their IT hardware and IT support needs.

We would expect to deal with our business customers in their business premises but everyone is welcome in our shop.

We have an innovative approach to installing and migrating small business servers based on customers dislike of downtime. Every server migration is planned and executed so the customer continues to use their system as normal wherever possible.

We offer managed service agreements for a flat monthly fee we will cover all of your IT needs within an agreement. We have a dedicated site called www.bytesafe.co.uk. This site goes into more detail on the benefits to business for having a support agreement inplace between us. We also offer monitoring only agreements or ad hoc call outs. We even offer service agreement to individuals and micro businesses in the form of www.bytesafehome.co.uk.

Our repair workshop is always available for situations when it is easier or less expensive to bring in the computer. About us. Common repairs are virus cleansing, data recovery and all hardware issues relating to workstations and laptops. Express repairs are our same day service when available although we do make a small premium charge for this.

All are staff are computer enthusiasts and love the technology. We are geeks. We know we are geeks and are quite happy to be called a computer geek or a computer nerd – it is a badge of honour for us. Geeky as we are, we always treat customers with three values that we have to live by:

1. Tolerance towards are customers who will be less technical than we are. We expect that and will demonstrate patience knowing that it is our job to explain the jargon and our job to communicate in the appropriate language.

2. Respect towards customers because the customer is always right and furthermore the customer has a choice to use someone else.

3. Expertise. We should always demonstrate massive value towards our customers by being expert in our field with the best processes and methods in providing you with a fix.

If we ever fall down on these then please let us know immediately so we can put it right. Whilst this page is about us, really it is about you.

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