Beebox promotion December-2015

Beebox promotion December-2015

Maybe it’s me but I just love these types of products. This one surprised me more than any other by how feature rich it is.

Introducing the Asrock BeeboxBeebox with SSD and Windows 10

Would you like to have a PC that uses your TV as the screen?

Would you like the smallest full PC that runs Windows 10?

Do you know someone that would love to receive a small PC running Windows 10?

What strikes you when you see this PC in the flesh is just how small it is. The specification looks amazing and I have no idea how they pack that much into such a small box.

The stand out features are firstly it has a Quad core processor. Next it has 2GB of RAM expandable to 16GB. It has a 32GB SSD style hard disk although we found that part too small. It runs Windows 10 home.

The USB C socket means fast phone charging. It can support 3 monitors and output in 4k but it would need a RAM upgrade to do so. 4k is the grade above High Definition.

All still remarkable. The main website if here

We have one running our till system in the shop.

It is a standard Windows 10 installation and all we had to do was to install the till receipt printer. We also thought that the RAM was a little light so we upgraded that to 4GB and we added a 120GB SSD.

In this environment we are not going to test it’s 4k video playback capabilities nor are we going to connect up 3 screens. The USB C port is not going to be overused but it does show that it is a proper PC and can be used as such.
A full PC for just £249 which includes a Quad core processor, 2GB of RAM, 120GB SSD drive and Windows 10 home.

It can screw onto the back of a monitor which gives you even more space on the desk.

Here are the options for it:
19” Monitor £72 inc. VAT
Microsoft Wireless and mouse £25 inc VAT
Asrock Beebox 120GB PC

£249 inc VAT

£346 bundle deal
In stock at the time of publishing but these will move fast.

Email me for more details at kevin.ackland@systems-and-solutions.co.uk

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