Brother P touch label machines

Brother PT-H110

Just released (13th January 2017) is the new Brother P touch label machine and we at Systems and Solutions are getting them on that release date.

 Just £29.00 inc. VAT

  1. The latest professional label machine from Brother.
  2. 20mm per second print speed – up to 12mm labels
  3. Many frames, fonts, font styles and symbols
  4. 15 Memory slots for frequent designs
  5. Sequential numbering, vertical and revere modes
  6. Supplies, tape widths 3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm
  7. Querty keyboard and Dedicated numerical keypad
  8. 180dpi print resolution
  9. Tape cutter
  10. Applications for use







The applications for this label machine are many.

Office applications include filing tabs and labeling of drawers and storage boxes. Electricians would use them to attach a label to electrical wires, cat5 networking cables and boxes.

We use these labels on our electrical plugs in our server room so we know which one can up plug and which not to.

These are on display in our shop and you are welcome to come in and see for yourself.


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