Desktop of the month July 2016

Desktop of the Month July 2016

This stylish desktop computer uses the Intel i5 CPU which delivers impressive speed for the price. The fast processor is accompanied with the very latest standard in RAM specification – DDR3 and the 500GB hard disk.

Buy early before prices go up.

Brexit has had an effect on the US dollar which will in turn mean that prices will rise for us. The different is around 10% as I write this and if that continues then prices will rise by about that amount.

I took my own advice and bought in some stock.

Lenovo S500 10HS Desktop PC,desktop of the month july 2016

Intel i5-4460S, 4GB RAM, 500GB, Card Reader, W7 Pro

£370.00 Ex.VAT

Key advantages

  • Fast start up
  • 500GB large storage
  • Small unit
  • Quiet
  • Expandable
  • Stylish
  • Windows 10 or 7 home pro

monthly special monitor

Add £99 for the Monitor

(£118.80 inc VAT)

23.5″ LED TFT, VGA and DVI connections

You are always welcome to come into the shop for a sit down discussion when we can discuss any data transfer or personalised setup. Like wise for business customers, installation onto a Microsoft active directory network and set-up of applications is available.



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