History and Experience

Systems & Solutions were established in 1995, just prior to the launch of Microsoft’s revolutionary Windows 95 operating system at a time when the first Intel Pentium processor based computer systems were appearing in the shops.

In May of that year the ex Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Lord Douglas Hurd of Westwell, who was also our local MP, found time in his busy schedule to be our guest at the grand opening of our retail shop.

In the build up to the millennium we witnessed the so called Y2K bug (also known as the millennium bug), a fear fuelled by press coverage and other media speculation. It was reported that only a very small number of businesses and individuals were affected and was generally regarded as minor problem.

We have always had a shop for people to visit and an outside operation to support business and home users where a site visit is required. This has helped us to develop a strong and reliable operation to give our customers the service they require.

During our history we have experienced a whole host of changes and have continued to develop to suit the ever changing computer environment putting us at the forefront of technology and customer requirements.

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