Managed Services

With Managed Services from Systems & Solutions you have all of your IT needs taken care of with just one monthly payment:
  • You just place a service request with us without having to decide whether it is worth it.
  • You will spend less time with accounts in both checking the invoices and paying them.
  • You will secure guaranteed response times to your issues.
  • You will enjoy on-going maintenance for your workstations: Disc checks, defrags, deletion of temp files, uninstall of unused programs, uninstall of toolbars and frequent virus scans.
Reports and IT strategy with Managed Services from Systems & Solutions:
  • Weekly reports on the health of your servers and workstations
  • Monthly report of the work done on your systems.
  • A full IT plan, which is reviewed every year and gives you a plan to follow over the next 3 years.
  • Our position changes from reacting to preventing problems.

Call now on 01993 706 161 to find out more, email, or request more information using the form below.

Our managed service agreements are called Bytesafe Silver, Bytesafe Gold and Bytesafe Platinum and we have a dedicated site called www.bytesafe.co.uk


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