Monthly special – desktop computer

Desktop Computer Monthly special October 2015

This low cost desktop computer uses the fastest hard disk technology and Windows 10 to keep you up to date. It is the perfect computer for an ordinary user. If you are using your computer for the Internet, email and a few photographs them this will suit you budget and your computing for years to come.

£432.50 Ex.VATmonthly special desktop

(519.00 inc VAT

Key advantages

  • Low cost for the specifications. Intel i5 CPU, 4GB RAM
  • No waiting for it to start up. 120GB SSD
  • Small unit
  • Quiet
  • Expandable
  • Windows 10pro or 7 pro

monthly special monitor


Add £64.59 for the Monitor

(£77.51 inc VAT

18.5″ LED TFT with speakers. VGA and DVI connections




You are always welcome to come into the shop for a sit down discussion when we can discuss any data transfer or personalised setup. Like wise for business customers, installation onto a Microsoft active directory network and set-up of applications is available.

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