Monthly special – Ultrabook Laptop

Asus PU301a Laptop – £472.50 Ex. VAT

Many of our customers have been asking for a smaller screen on their laptops. The MAC book pro comes in that smaller size and has been popular with users so we secured a quantity of ASUS_PA301Athese Laptops at a special price.

Ultraportable and budget friendly for SMBs.

or in normal English

An inexpensive, light, thin Laptop suitable for small businesses.


The following description was pulled directly from the ASUS website and I have provided the translation.

Designed professional (Most other laptops are designed by amateurs)
Windows 8 Pro or other editions available (Please forget Windows 8 pro we will upgrade it to Windows and you will be fine with that. It will connect to your company network).
Ultra light from 1.75kg and ultra-slim with full I/O connectivity (It’s light with lots of ports like USB)
Visual enjoyment with anti-glare HD panels (The screen is good which makes you happy)
Top ASUS reliability and quality (If there ever were unreliable ASUS products – this isn’t one of them)
Extra-strict ASUSPRO reliability testing standards (They tested these more to make sure they were OK)
Tough anti-shock hard drive protects your data (Don’t drop test it – if you do you might get away with it
Spill-resistant keyboard withstands beverage mishaps (Move the coffee mup 1 metre away from any computer but if you spill it you may get away with it).
Get business done with greater comfort and ease (No more procrastination, it works – it’s all down to you now.
47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad for effortless and accurate input (Half as big again and use 2 fingers!)
Smart control the touch panel with multiple finger gestures (Works well with 2 fingers)
Ultimate sound experience with sonic master technology ( The sound is great even if you don’t know the brand sonic master)

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