11 Scary Signs you have been hacked

Being hacked is terrifying

Hi, I'm Kevin Ackland and I've written a document on how to deal with being hacked and the 11 signs you should look out for.

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Scary Sign number 1

Financial transactions you don’t recognise.

There’s lots of ways hackers can steal your hard earned money and it all starts by getting your personal data. This can be via a malware or phishing scam, ransomware, or by hacking into your online and social media accounts.
It’s happening all the time, because to hackers it’s easy cash.

Scary Sign number 2

Your phone or computer really slows down.

Hacking your computer or phone to send out malware for instance, takes a lot of processing power and energy. This can cause your devices to slow right down.

Scary Sign number 3

Security software that has stopped working

​Once hackers have been able to infect your systems with malware, like a virus, it will also attack the security systems that are currently in place. This is in order for it and other threats to create more chaos.

Scary Sign number 4

Software and browser add-ons you haven’t asked for

Other threats initially caused by malware can sometimes take the form of new software on your devices, including add-ons and browser extensions.
While they look innocent to the untrained eye (potentially many members of your team) some will be busily working away causing lots of undetected damage

Scary Sign number 5

Pop up frenzy

Hackers aren’t stupid. They want to make pop-ups look as real as possible, so it’s the randomness you need to look out for. The

randomness of the pop-up indicates that it’s probably been caused by malware and that you’ve potentially been hacked.

Scary Sign number 6

Your system settings have been changed

​If you haven’t asked for it, it’s likely that a hacker is asking for it – so it’s important that you and your team don’t confirm random requests, just because your computer prompts you to.

Scary Sign number 7

Your phone or computer goes wild

Although attacks like this are rare, it still happens. If you see random mouse movements, key presses, programme launches or your display waking up
when you haven’t touched it, this could indicate that the hackers are hard at work.

Scary Sign number 8

Involuntary shut downs and restarts

If anything looks suspicious, take controlled steps to safely remove it from your device and complete a thorough malware and
anti-virus scan

Scary Sign number 9

You’ve noticed messages that you didn’t send

If you do spot any messages that you can’t remember sending, be suspicious and complete a precautionary anti-virus and malware scan of your device and emails.

Scary Sign number 10

Online activity that doesn’t belong to you

If you do notice on business systems, your Facebook account’s activity log, or your Netflix’s recent watched feed for instance, that there is activity that doesn’t belong to you, take action immediately. Change your passwords and follow the necessary steps to remove any malware that has helped the hacker to access your accounts.

Scary Sign number 11

You can’t access your accounts

​Unless you think you’ve genuinely forgotten your username or password, it’s possible that if you can’t access your accounts, hackers have got in, changed your login details and have locked you out.

Scary Sign number 12

What Action should you take? accounts

So what do you do if you think you've been hacked? Being hacked tells you that there's a weakness in your business line of defence.

If the first attack hasn't damaged your business, then you're lucky. So be sure to strengthen your security so that you're not vulnerable for future, potentially more damaging attacks.

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