FREE Annual Computer Health Checks

Computer Health Checks should be carried out at least once a year to ensure that your computer is working properly.


You can book a health check with us, you will be given instructions after booking the health check

Ideally we would like you to bring the machine along before 10am on the day you have pre-booked it.

You can collect it after 4pm the same day. You don't have to collect it the same day but after 4pm would ensure that we have computer the health check for you.

Your computer will slow up over the year and an annual health check reverses the slow down. When you get your machine home you will notice a speed boost especially when you start your computer.

7 Reasons Why You Should Have a PC health check?

Carl Evans, well known Witney Wealth Manager explains why you should have a FREE Computer help check.

  1. The basic health is FREE of charge
  2. Do you have a slow computer?
  3. You will know if your computer has a problem
  4. We can check it over for viruses
  5. You get a full report
  6. It should be done every year
  7. You can talk over any issues you might have

Special note to our
bytesafehome Premium members...

Bytesafehome Premium customers can have their health checks done remotely as our software facilitates this. Please note that this includes the paid health check HC2.

Kevin Ackland  //  Owner

Exactly What is Covered in a Health Check? 

Below is a complete table on the FREE health check and our paid ones. You can see exactly what is checked by our technicians.

Do you have a Slow Computer?

Why is it FREE and why would you do that?....

Our customers love that they can bring in their computer in even though they are not sure that they have a problem. It gives them peace of mind for us to check for them.

Whilst there is no obligation to have paid work, the reality is that our customers sometimes do go on and have paid work as a result of a PC health check.

Richard Owen // Retail Manager

"We fit in our FREE health checks around our paid work.

That makes it viable to give this valuable service"

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