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HMRC Login – Tax going digital

You need your accounts software to ensure that you can comply with the requirements for Tax Going Digital. You’ll need to sign-in to your HM Revenue and Customs online account (HMRC Login) to submit your VAT return using your software.

Before you do that watch this video to see how your IT support company can help you comply. You need the right level of software. Older versions of Sage software won’t be compliant. Software like Xero will be compliant, so the main work will be with your Bookkeeper.

Before you start you will need you’re your VAT number, a Government Gateway User ID and password. You will get all that information when you first register so that you can get past your HMRC Login

We recommend that you use Bitwarden as your password manager. Bitwarden supports multi-factor authentication and two factor authentication. The government website also support this. Bitwarden will solve your ongoing password issues not just the one with your HMRC Login.

I went along to see a company to create an IT plan and one of the questions that I asked was what preparations they'd made for tax going digital?

I was quite surprised to find out that they hadn't made any plans whatsoever, I didn’t even get to the question about their HMRC Login.

This was a very specific issue they had to attend within a couple of months.

We were able to put in place a system that would allow them to upgrade their new Sage account software so that they could go tax digital. If they hadn't done that, they wouldn't be compliant with the law, that would be a big problem for them.

So, now it's time to schedule your call for your IT plan and what you need to do is just book a time for me come in, we can speak for about 30 minutes and we can work out how we can take your business forward.

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