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Wireless Keyboard Caps Lock Indicator


Wireless Keyboard Caps Lock LED Indicator seem to have lost the “Caps Lock LED” on the keyboard – or have they?

A question that is asked by many; now answered by us. Keyboards in the past have been wired and all seem to have an LED to indicate whether ‘caps lock’ was on or off. Imagine typing a whole sentence, only to realise that everything you wrote was in cAPITALS eXCEPT the first letter? Frustrating right!? Fortunately we know the trick to this, which I will show you later on in the blog followed by a few more shortcut tricks which are found on a keyboard.

Microsoft have their own range of wireless keyboards and I tend to recommend them because of the good quality but they do not have a caps lock indicator. The caps lock indicator on Windows 7 is a padlock symbol at the bottom right of the screen. This is also the same for Windows 8. This can be irritating for users who miss the LED light on the Keyboard. Not to worry, your troubles are now over…

The Remedy Is The Logitech KT270 Wireless Keyboard With Caps Lock Indicator

We have these in stock at our shop or can deliver them for businesses. The keyboard uses 2 x AAA batteries and they already come with Duracell brand in the box. The mouse uses a single AA battery and again it’s a Duracell. This means they are going to last a very long time.

Price is £25.00 Inclu VAT

The full manufacturer’s webpage on this product is here.

Wireless Keyboard Caps Lock LED Indicator with Free delivery to businesses in Witney.

Shortcut Tricks

Cut – [Crtl] + X

Copy – [Crtl] + C

Paste – [Crtl] + V

Select All – [Crtl] + A

Undo – [Ctrl] +[Z]

Redo – [Ctrl] + [Y]

Print – [Ctrl] + [P]

Change Case – [Shift] + [F3]

Example…cAPITALS eXCEPT -> CAPITALS EXCEPT -> capitals except -> Capitals Except

Show or Hide Desktop – [Windows] + [D]

Run – [Windows] + [R]

Action Centre – [Windows] + [A] (Windows 10)

Wireless Keyboard Caps Lock LED Indicator

If you are interested in buying a keyboard with a caps lock LED, please get in touch!

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