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The Top 5 Questions you could ask us, that we’d love to say ‘YES’ to

The Top 5 Questions

More frequently than ever before, we’re receiving calls and enquiries from businesses like yours, who are unhappy with their current IT partner or service provider.

And from these many calls, we’ve noticed a trend. A lot of business owners and managers like you want more.

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Growth, containment or necessary evil, which IT camp are you in?

IT book

To use your IT to improve your working practices and productivity you will need an IT support partner that will get your IT working for you.

We all hate it when our staff’s productivity goes down and with the changes around the latest restriction that has happened.

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HMRC Login – Tax going digital

You need your accounts software to ensure that you can comply with the requirements for Tax Going Digital. You’ll need to sign-in to your HM Revenue and Customs online account (HMRC Login) to submit your VAT return using your software.

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Wireless Keyboard Caps Lock Indicator


Wireless Keyboard Caps Lock LED Indicator seem to have lost the “Caps Lock LED” on the keyboard – or have they?

A question that is asked by many; now answered by us. Keyboards in the past have been wired and all seem to have an LED to indicate whether ‘caps lock’ was on or off. Imagine typing a whole sentence, only to realise that everything you wrote was in cAPITALS eXCEPT the first letter? Frustrating right!? Fortunately we know the trick to this, which I will show you later on in the blog followed by a few more shortcut tricks which are found on a keyboard.

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9 Mistakes You Made Upgrading To Windows 10

window PC

The following article is on mistakes you made when upgrading to windows 10.

The article includes what the implications are, how they can be avoided, my opinion on them, and what you can do yourself should you have already chosen the quick installation.

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